Turning Your Website Into a Lead-Generating Machine

One way to generate leads for your business is to have a clean, separate squeeze page with very little text to distract the customer. The focus of this type of page is the message of what you have to offer and how it can help your prospect. In order to get those the information he wants, the prospect enters his email address and gives permission for you to contact him.

However, you can take certain steps to turn your current website into a lead generator without creating a new page or changing the overall appearance of your site. This is especially helpful for service providers who feel they need to keep the client testimonials and their services offered front and center for new visitors to see.

1. Create clear calls to action.

Sometimes you just have to tell people exactly what to do. Not in a bossy kind of way, of course, but don’t leave subtle hints, either. If you want people to contact you today for a consultation, design a button that opens up a new email or try adding a ‘Live Chat’ option to your site. Want them to leave their email? Make it easy by using a button that says “Subscribe Here.”

2. Use contact forms.

To obtain contact information in a more personal way, consider using a website form. This is especially useful if you want to collect more information than just a name and email. Users can also ask specific questions and might be willing to give up more information if they think a real person will contact them. Again, make the call to action very easy to recognize and don’t make them search for the contact form.

3. Make them come back again.

These prospects are new and probably need some nurturing before they’re ready to make a purchase, so you need to get them back to your website. Write a series of blog posts that will entice people to come back to read the next installment and certainly tell your current list subscribers about these posts so they will visit your site again. This idea works well with videos or audios, too.

4. Don’t clutter your sidebar.

Many website designs have a sidebar option, some even have two sidebars and although WordPress makes it real easy to load content into those sidebars, you still run the risk of muddling your message if you put in too many distractions.

Definitely add your email list opt-in box in your sidebar (or do a test to see which position gets the most subscribers). But instead of having a button that says, “Subscribe Here,” get more creative with words, such as, “I Want My Report Now!” or “Send it to me NOW!” Those are attention-grabbing phrases.

The idea behind generating leads for business is to spread out and try different tactics. Luckily, these tips are pretty easy to implement once and then you can move on to work on another strategy. Use your imagination and see what works best for your business.


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Good value

“The contract you did for us delivered some good value Sally. You are a social media consultant with some good ideas. That is where you excel.” – David Lahey, President, Predictive Success Corp.

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Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Brand your business on You Tube with a custom theme

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